Wednesday anti-ATOS action: Protest the BMA meeting

24/06/2013 | Posted in: Protest

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty urges people to support this action on Wednesday at the British Medical Association Doctors’ annual meeting, taking place at the Conference Centre in Edinburgh. (And we do too..)
from Black Triangle Campaign 
URGENT callout : PROTEST THE BMA Annual Representative Meeting
This Wednesday 26th assemble at 3.45pm outside the Usher Hall, Lothian Road before proceeding to the venue.

Dear friends 
Please can you urge as many people as possible to attend our demonstration to shame the BMA into taking concrete action to protect sick and/or disabled people from the catastrophic harm being done to them by the discriminatory and obscene operation of the fascist-style DWP-Atos Work Capability Assessment regime.
Doctors have been washing their hands by refusing to provide Further Medical Evidence (citing workload and fees/contractual issues as reasons) to patients appealing against erroneous decisions – 40% of which are overturned without representation and 72-80% with representation.
We have pioneered a solution which would work for the GPs and patients:
We would look to distribute a few hundred of these letters on A4 to all the delegates. We will also be presenting our campaign submission to the Scottish Parliament Health Committee to Dr Laurence Buckman the Chief Negotiator with the ConDems for GPs (BMA General Practice Committee) and outgoing Chairman of the BMA. We will also distribute it to all journalist, print, broadcast and online on the day.   
John McArdle
Black Triangle Campaign
This is the letter we’re going to distribute:
The submission to the Scottish Parliament to be handed to Dr Buckman and BMA Scotland’s Dr McDevitt:

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1 Comment

  1. Iain

    Glasgow Against Atos sends a warm message od solidarity to the Black Triangle group in their lobbying of the BMA Conference in Edinburgh.

    Today, Wednesday 26th June, more than 25 people, including Black Triangle in Glasgow, entered the Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow’s East End to protest at Atos the French IT company being a sponsor of the Commonwealth Games.

    Glasgow Against Atos say that they represent the tip of an ‘iceberg’ of opinion on this, and took the action to highlight the plight of sick and/or disabled people from the ruinous traumatising crime being committed against them by the discriminatory and obscene operation of the corporate fascistic DWP-Atos Work Capability Assessment programme.

    Terminally ill people are being declared ‘fit for work’, if the job centre does not agree that leaves that person destitute.

    The demonstrators called on the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council to rethink the decision to have Atos as a Commonwealth games sponsor.

    More to follow with pics.