Informal discussion of anarchism in Edinburgh

There’s going to be a meeting to discuss what we’re up to in Edinburgh. This Thursday, 6pm, Tollcross Community Centre. From an invitation:

A few people are meeting next week for an informal chat about organising and resistance in Edinburgh. The call for the upcoming Anarchist Movement Conference asks whether ‘we’ are relevant? whether ‘we’ are progressing? how and where should ‘we’ organise? Maybe we might benefit from asking questions like these locally.

So far there has been a fair amount of interest in having some kind of discussion along these lines. There is no set agenda, as it is an informal discussion to see what things crop-up and where individuals, groups, networks and federations might have common ground and to encourage co-operation where common ground can be found. So if there is ANY organising/actions that you”ve thought ‘hmmm, wouldn’t it be good if that happened’, then come along and throw the idea into the mix.

Like with the Anarchist Movement Conference, if we can come together to put our ideas on the table, perhaps something useful will come out of it.

The meeting will take place at Tollcross Community Centre (117 Fountainbridge) on Thursday 23rd April from 18:00 until 21:00. The venue has no tea making facility so maybe you might want to bring along a flask and a small bite to eat to share.