Time for a change, time for the Tories

Getting chubby around the face, Dave

Getting chubby around the face, Dave

David Cameron’s giving his speech to the Tory party conference today.

Clearly, after a government attacking the working class while sucking up to plutocratic media tycoons, lead by a money-grabbing ex-private school boy all about image instead of policy, we need a change!

It’s time for attacks on the working class from a friend of hardworking newspaper barons, who’s wife’s so rich he doesn’t have¬† to pick up a ¬£100 note from the pavement, who went to the best private school and who used to work in PR.

…and they wonder why anarchists don’t believe in voting. The only way to beat the rich’s attempt to make us pay for their crisis is to fight against every attack on our pay & conditions and to support the struggles near you.

PS: Isn’t David Cameron looking heavy round the face. He better not squint in case he’s mistaken for Nick Griffin.