Donate to workers in Haiti

Want to do something for the victims of the Haiti earthquake but worried that your money might get used on 4x4s to escort journalists around Port-au-Prince?

A group in Miami is organising fundraising on behalf of Batay Ourviye, one of few groups to have fought for and won union recognition in Haiti’s “free trade zones”.

Here’s the link:

And here’s what they say:

A natural disaster has descended upon Haiti whose scope we only are seeing the surface of at this time.

Right now we can have the deepest impact by committing ourselves to act in solidarity with the autonomous social movements of Haiti directly. They present the best possible option for the Haitian people, and are in the greatest need.

Our act of solidarity should, in no shape or form, be solely an act of humanitarian aid. It should not be an apolitical act, and we shouldn’t give the green light to those that wish to capitalize on the suffering of others. Click here for a statement on solidarity with the Haitian people.

Support Solidarity and Grassroots Relief

Give now to Batay Ourviye. Your money will go to directly support workers impacted by the earthquake by providing food, water, and health care. Your dontaion will also support the purchasing of minutes on cell phones so survivors can contact loved ones, and coordinate a grassroots relief effort.

Batay Ourviye – a grassroots Haitian Organization
As a movement, Batay Ouvriye strives to organize workers, peasants, working people in general, and the oppressed masses in general around their specific demands, in an autonomous and democratic manner. Click here for more information about Batay Ourviye.

Miami Workers Center is supporting Batay Ourviye by facilitating online and credit card donations.