Tory Vice Chair: they all sound the same to me

Who knows why the SSY lot were up early on a Sunday morning watching the Andrew Marr show, but they’ve caught out a top Tory in a class bit of ignorance. (Follow link for video).

the Tory smear campaign took a turn for the bizarre this weekend, when Tory Vice Chairman Margot James attacked [Scouser] McCluskey for his “Scots accent”!

It’s all part of the bizarre pantomime around the BA cabin crew strike. Clearly BA boss Willie Walsh is a complete cock and the government are also desperate for the strike to fail. But Unite leadership have made some questionable moves from the point of view of the striking cabin crew.

All the false outrage about Unite’s £11 milion to the Labour party isn’t asking the right question. What the hell are the workers getting from it? That money could be doing good in a solidarity fund, a strike fund, or funding a grassroots support campaign. Instead its paying the salary of a New Labour parasites.

Oh well. Good LibCom article here on the dispute.