Greek bank workers locked in by their boss?

During the protests as part of today’s General Strike in Greece, 3 bank workers are reported to have been found suffocated to death after a fire.

This on-the-ground report from LibCom is a sober assessment.

According to news reports that began at 14:00 Greek time after, under pressure by the events, most radio and TV stations decided to break their strike, claim that the fire at Marfin Bank’s Stadiou street branch that has led to the death of three workers (one a pregnant woman) was started by protesters. However this remains an unsubstantiated claim. A similar case three decades ago had originally put the blame for the fire at Kappa-Marousi building on Panepistimiou street, leading to the death of several people inside, to anarchists, while its was later proved the fire was caused by tear gas fired by the police.[…]

After the tragic death of the three workers made the round of Athens, new clashes started to spread in the Greek capital, with a large crowd gathered outside the burned bank when Marfin’s boss tried to visit the site. Clashes broke out between the crowd and police when the former attacked the bank magnate accusing him of forcing the dead workers to scab on a general strike and locking them in the building despite them demanding to evacuate it since 12:00.[…]

the union of bank workers (OTOE) has declared a strike for tomorrow in response to the death of the three bank workers today. The union puts the blame for the deaths on the bank bosses and the police.A video of protesters attacking Mr Vgenopoulos the boss of Marfin visiting the burned bank, calling him a murderer can be seen here

I’ve added newsfeeds from a couple of the more reliable English-language Greek newsources to the sidebar. They should provide a bit more depth than you’ll get from the BBC and Sky.