Council privatisation waste company Veolia killed worker

Veolia, a private company linked with Council’s attempts to privatise services like waste collection have been fined for causing the death of a worker.

Waste company Veolia has been fined £225,000 after a litter collector died in a collision between one of its vehicles and a lorry.

Agency worker Damian Griffiths, 20, from Swanley, Kent died in the accident on the A228 in East Peckham in 2007.

Not content with casualised killing, the weasel bastards are planning to appeal the miserly £225,000 fine.

Veolia’s executive director Richard Berry said: “No workplace accident is acceptable. Both legally and morally we have an obligation to take all reasonable steps to prevent such accidents.”

But he added: “We are disappointed with the jury’s verdict as we believe this was the result of a road traffic accident and based on this we are seeking to appeal this matter.

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign are also working to keep Veolia from getting any public funds from Edinburgh, details here.