Your soapbox feedback requested

The organizers of the recent Feminist Soapbox event are collating feedback about the event. (Beyond “it was fun”). Go to the EA-FK webpage to read more.

Feminist Soapbox was a successful event packed with workshops, discussion spaces and activity!Saturday saw feminists come from all over to facilitate workshops, and the turnout was impressive, with an estimated 70 – 100 people in total taking part in workshops.

In the evening we all wound down to some feminist stand up comedy, a polyphonic balkan choir, inspiring live revolutionary italien songs, musical talent from Hungry Bellies, and then danced the rest of the night away with Scragfight.

People brought and shared delicious treats with everybody at the brunch on Sunday and then took part in a relaxed herb study workshop, got creative in the art space, and had fun in singing and comedy workshops. There were also informative discussion spaces exploring poverty, international campaigns, zine herstory, and feminist approaches to body image.

We are now in the process of collecting feedback on the weekend and evaluating and documenting the event…

We need you!

If you came along and took part in the weekend  (in whatever way big or small) then we would really like to hear from you!