Scabs and managers run over firefighters

You might know that your boss is a bastard but it’s still surprising if he were to run you over. This is in London but shocking enough to link here.

Ian Lehair, FBU NEC member for London is run over by a scab fire engine. FBU members picket the LFB Southwark Training Centre where AssetCo scab firefighters are returning from strike breaking.

Picture here.

Blog report with background and links here.

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One popular misconception is that FBU strikers are putting others at risk of death. In fact, pickets I spoke to reaffirmed that they were would instantly respond if life was at risk. “If there’s a fire, we’re going to go and have a look. If it’s a warehouse with no one inside, we’ll let it burn down. If there’s a life at risk, you’d have a job to do to stop everyone here going to sort it out. That’s why we joined.”

This is not merely hypothetical. According to the FBU:

1. In Dagenham, after several calls from a block of flats, the private contractors turned up, but did not know how to connect the hose to the fire engine, or where the water hydrants were. Local firefighters saw their problem, and despite being on strike, showed the contractors how to use the equipment. They then entered the building to ensure that no lives were at risk, before leaving the private contractors to cope with any damage to property.