Wikileaks next in the censorship firing line is accessible at

After Wikileaks has provided us with a whole week of hilarious spectacle, making the US and other governments look like arses, a backlash is beginning.

First, Amazon took them off of their servers, prompting the comment “if they don’t like the [US Constitution’s] First Amendment, maybe they shouldn’t sell books” — certainly another reason not to buy books from them.

Now, PayPal have frozen their account. Other payment services are available, for example use Network for Good, though that might not help you with that sofa off of gumtree.

And most seriously, their Domain Name Server record has been scrubbed. This is a boring technical issue that means that simply typing “” into your web browser means that you can’t find the website. It’s still there (actually, here) but it’s harder to find it. Think of it like Winston Smith’s memory hole in 1984. The US government doesn’t like it, so it disappears, while they still have the front to claim that they are a free society.

Download the Cablegate archive here as a bittorrent link.