Next Edinburgh UKuncut this Saturday 15th

From UKuncut. We’re featuring it here not because we think everything would be fine if only the rich paid more tax, but because in a situation where the costs of a failed financial centre are being forced upon the poor, actions like this are a means of putting the spotlight back onto the rich and the choices they make which are denied us.

Saturday January 15th*
*Meet at 12pm, Wellingtons statue, east end Princes Street*

Saturday is UKuncut’s next day of mass action, against tax dodging of the rich, and vat increases for the rest of us.

We’ll meet by the statue of Wellington at the East end of Princes Street at 10:00 to hand out flyers, brief protestors and finalise our plans. We’ll then split up ready to spontaneously reconvene, flashmob style, at one of Edinburgh’s top tax avoiders. Could it be Philip Green’s Topshop or BHS? Could it be Vodaphone? Could it be Boots? Or will we find an even worse offender? Find out on Saturday and help show there is an alternative to unnecessary, ideological attacks on public services.

Facebook event:

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