Steven Simpson, of McInnes Gardens, Cupar: parasite and abuser of pregnant women

Steven Simpson, thinks its ok to terrorise pregnant women

Only one of the people in this story is a victim.

A landlord in Fife has been let off with a slap on the wrist after sending a mob to remove the doors & windows from his pregnant tenant’s flat.

Story from STV.

The whining, workshy extortionist, “arrived at court to be sentenced carrying a placard reading “no rights for landlords”” and wonders why Womens Aid have blacklisted him.

Yet he only gets 150 hours community service. If this is his common business practice (and the quote, “I am not that good at paperwork,” says so), then why not use the Proceeds of Crime Act against him?

Confiscate the flat and give it to his victim to go some way to making good the damage he has done.