Save Muirhouse shops

Tenants and Residents in Pilton have initiated a campaign to save the Muirhouse shops from closure.

Were these businesses to close many local people in the West Pilton, West Granton, and Muirhouse area would lose their local shops which they rely on. There are many vulnerable residents in this area who may be unable to travel further a field to shop, and peoples social networks in the area would be disrupted. The Pennywell area is at risk of becoming a ghost town.

Many residents also have concerns that if these businesses were to close, these vacant properties would be a target for anti-social behaviour and fire raising, as happened to the old Craigroyston Primary School on Pennywell Road, and the derelict nursery building on West Pilton Grove which were both burnt down. Considering that people live above those businesses, this is worrying.

The situation with the Muirhouse shops was highlighted by the Edinburgh Evening News following a press release from Tenants and Residents in Pilton. Disappointingly the EEN didn’t mention the community campaign to save the shops.

Sign the petition here.