Dundee Free University Dayschool, 1st April

BEYOND HIERARCHIES – Protest and Power in the 21st Century

Beyond Hierarchies is a Free University Day School examining alternatives to the hierarchical power structures that shape society today.

The day will incorporate short talks with interactive theatre and workshop discussion.

HOW DOES POWER WORK? The first session will examine contemporary power relationships and how politicians came to believe that the only way was free market capitalism: with workshop discussion on different areas e.g. industry, society, politics, environment.

THIS IS NOT A RIOT. In the second session we examine possible tactics and mechanisms of change with Harry Giles of Open Source Theatre http://opensourcetheatre.wordpress.com/. ‘This is Not a Riot’ is a piece of interactive theatre about violence and protest, and was premièred in Hackney last year.

MUTUAL AID. The third session looks ahead to the alternatives that we want to bring about. Does Public Ownership have to mean Nationalisation? Does Nationalisation have to mean Beaurocracy? Can Cooperatives and Collectives really work? Is Radical Decentralisation the antidote to Globalisation? These questions and more will form the basis of workshop discussions followed by a final plenary.

Although the day school is free, numbers are limited, so to ensure your place, please book now by emailing dundeeuncut@gmail.com