Greece Solidarity Demonstration – Saturday 18th Feb

Protests in Greece

Protests in Greece

There will be a second demonstration, called by Greek workers in Edinburgh, on Saturday 18th February, 12-3pm, City Chambers, High Street.

The demonstration is in solidarity with workers in Greece fighting the austerity measures imposed by their government at the request of the IMF and European Bank. The statement on the facebook event reads:

On the 12th of February the non-elected Greek Government adopted a new austerity plan, approved by the Greek parliament, which forces people into misery in order to save the European Banks. The 22% cut on the minimum wage (480 euros – 435 for young people), reduction on pensions, the abolishment of the collective bargaining, the privatization of the public sector (including health care and education) are only indicative measures for the future of the Greek people.
The “rescue” plan for Greece includes 130 billion euros, provided by European tax payers, which are not planned to serve the people but will only be given to the European Banks.
On Sunday the 12th of February the hundreds of thousands of Greek people took the streets fighting against the measures imposed be the EU, the European Central Bank, the IMF which would lead to the enslavement to the bankers. On the streets they gave a battle against the violent repression of the police forces having also as an opponent the “silence” of the media on demonstrations.
Greece is only the start before the generalization of the measures all over Europe. The people of Greece need the international solidarity and they call for our support.
Let’s stay united and fight back AGAINST the austerity measures, AGAINST repression, AGAINST the dictatorship of bankers.
On Saturday 18th of February there will be demonstrations everywhere in solidarity with the mobilization of people of Greece.
We make this call at 12.00 outside the City Chambers at Royal Mile. See you ALL there!

Last week’s solidarity demo was lively and well attended. Please come along!