This is what democracy looks like: police make arbitrary arrests on Cameron demonstation

Arrests made headline news around the world

Arrests made headline news around the world (Image Jeff J Mitchell)

Edinburgh Anarchist Federation stands in full solidarity with all the arrested and injured protesters from yesterday’s demonstration – an injury to one is an injury to all.

Yesterday, around 100 protesters gathered with less than 24 hours notice to protest David Cameron’s government and policies on his trip to Scotland to meet with Alex Salmond. After preventing the protesters from reaching the Apex hotel, where Cameron was meeting other Tories, the police distracted the demonstrators at the moment Cameron was ushered into his waiting car, by arbitrarily arresting two men and one woman.

Other protesters reported being treated heavy handedly by police who were keen to protect Cameron from coming anywhere near the crowd, one other man was detained and cautioned on the spot, another woman was being arrested, but was released when she began to shout at the police, asking why they have been so quick to ignore her when she reported a sexual assault, but very keen to ‘deal’ with her now.

The protest then moved to St Andrew’s House, blocking the official photo shoot due to be held there, and forcing Cameron to be snuck in via a side entrance.

A solidarity demonstration was held for three hours outside St Leonard’s police station, where the protesters were being held. One was released without charge at around 7.30pm, the other two were held overnight. They appeared in court this morning, where around 20 supporters came to show solidarity, and were released on bail.

The actions of Lothian and Borders police yesterday were disgusting, and the impact of the arrests on the protesters involved totally unacceptable. The police are never on our side, they are not part of our struggle – they are there to protect the rich, not to facilitate our ‘right’ to protest. Our rights are granted by the state, who are happy to take them away whenever it suits them – this is what democracy looks like, and this is why we fight for something better.