Police Against Cuts: London & Athens

Lots of liberal hand-wringing over this week’s march by off-duty police in London as part of the PCS pensions strike. “If they’re against cuts, then why won’t the left support them?” asks this typical flamebait piece (guardian, obv.).

Let’s put dogma aside. Let’s also put aside the 1000s of unsolved, “mysterious” deaths in police custody, and the fact that we had to wait less than 24 hours before this example of cocksure impunity. Let’s be empirical & internationalist see what forms of anti-cuts political action police elsewhere are engaging in.

Through the ballot box, that’s very respectable:

In Greece, serving police force members vote in specially assigned polling stations (regardless of their area of residence), together with the local population of those stations. Last Sunday in Athens, 5.000 serving police voted in 11 such specially assigned polling stations. In these precise stations, the Nazis of the Golden Dawn received between 19% and 24% of the total vote.

Oh. Well, cleaning the streets then?

Nazis and riot police in joint operation against migrant traders and anarchists. Athens School of Economics, May 10, 2012

On May 9, 2012, only days after the election day in which 1 in 2 police voted Nazi, the two conducted a joint operation against the migrant street traders around the Athens School of Economics (ASOEE) and the anarchists who joined in their support. Skirmishes of this kind have been taking place for a while now, with riot police attempting to enforce a dogma of ‘zero tolerance’ and a ‘clean Athens’, in a discourse echoing that of the Golden Dawn (the Nazi party) and yet enforced by ‘socialist’ ministers Chrisochoidis (Public Order) and Loverdos (Health).

“Sleep well, and whatever you do, don’t have nightmares”