“The Thought Police Won’t Let Me Be An Anarchist” – AF member interviewed in VICE magazine

After UK anti-terrorist police detained two anarchists at Heathrow airport, on their way home from the St. Imier gathering in Switzerland, the two have given an interview about their experience to VICE magazine.

The interview explains what happened to the two men, and explains how this can legally happen to anyone at all, under Schedule 7 of the Terrorist Act 2000. It also explains the Anarchist Federation’s views on violent revolution:

But you are an anarchist and anarchism is about revolution – potentially violent revolution.

If you look at the aims and principles of the AF, we’re not the ones who are going to start the revolution, or try to start it. It’s up to the people of this country to decide that enough is enough and they don’t want to have government or capital any more – it’s not up to us to decide that.

Whilst VICE doesn’t have the best track record on reporting around protests, or reporting generally, it’s good to see AF getting some fair and balanced publicity in the media.