Bosses spying scapegoat appears before parliament, media not bothered

Iain Kerr, crook, spy, life-wrecker and (probable) puppy-fuckerJust a short post. I don’t have any time for Left Foot Forward or Socialist Unity(*) but fair play to them for this story about the Consulting Association and the criminal blacklisting of workers by, amongst others, the construction companies Carillion, Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Costain, Kier, Bam and Vinci. Go read it. More importantly, checkout the Blacklist Workers Support Group.

He received a derisory £5000 fine for breaches of the Data Protection Act in 2009 for running a spying operation against so-called militant workers. The shit thing here isn’t that the law isn’t strong enough for these offenses (laws are to protect the rich against us, they were on the same side), it’s that we haven’t learned not to make these bastards’ jobs easier for them. What used to take indexing, work and administration to achieve is now done by simply looking the groups linked from a prospective hire’s facebook page.

(*) except in the way that I have time to pick scabs off my toes when I should be working.