Drambuie Leaving a Nasty Taste in the Mouth

I see that today’s the beginning of another directors season at the Filmhouse sponsored by Drambuie.

I’m not arguing with the Filmhouse having to get money to show films (it’s a charity after all, whereas the Cameo is now owned by Cineworld). Apparently "Drambuie’s support means that Filmhouse can screen some unique cineamtic programmes that showcase the unexpected and extraordinary from film history," though the choice of directors so far has been unadventurous. (I’m sure I’ve seen films by this Hitchcock fellow at the cinema before now…).

The only "extraordinary" thing this month is the decision to link their whisky-for-kids product with Roman Polanski. I’m sure that, amongst the mental associations they hoped to evoke alongside Drambuie, "drug rape of teenagers" probably wasn’t on the list. They make a feeble nod to Polanski’s fugitive status in the programme notes, half a sentence next to telling us that his Tess was a critical success.

Now when I think of Drambuie, I think of an aging rapist whose best years were long ago, and whose work probably wasn’t as good as people are keen to to tell me anyway.

Nice one, branding geniuses.