Spain’s Periodico Diagonal in English

Cover of Diagonal

I found out last week that my favourite radical newspaper, Madrid-based Periodico Diagonal, has revamped their website, making it look less like a blog. Diagonal comes out fortnightly, covers local, national and international news alongside sport and culture and is sold in the kiosks next to "normal" papers. It’s full-colour and well designed.

Some of the articles are now being translated into English, under the heading The S In the PIGS. Most recently this one on the Indignados’ move from square occupations to more permanent locally-based initiatives. Social centres and squats that have always existed in Spain may be reaching out to a wider constituency:

“Now we find that the local people are much more involved in our activities”, said Silvia, one of the occupiers of an abandoned public school. This centre has large sport courts, kitchens and a canteen that has already been used as a conference centre. Such infrastructure is rare in the social centres in Madrid. The local meetings of the 15M assembly take place in this new building, something that was not possible in the former one. “This is a sign of the commitment of the people to the centre. In addition, a lot of kids use it, and I do not believe this is just because it was a school in the past”, Silvia says.

Diagonal are on twitter, and their intentions for the english version are described here. They welcome help with translation and that.