Good news: Unfit Landlord Declared Unfit

Banned criminal landlord Mark Fortune

"You mean I'll have to... get a job!??"

we wrote about last year, most notably his conviction for threatening tenants. The BBC say:

A landlord has been refused entry on the landlord register – making it a criminal offence for him to rent out property in Edinburgh.

It is the first time the city’s council has refused such an application.

It was made after the Regulatory Committee heard Mark Fortune’s submission to be entered on the register of fit and proper landlords.

I have to confess I’m a bit confused about the number of different bans, appeals and convictions Fortune’s racked up in his career but it does look like this could (finally) be the end of the line for the arrogant bully. (At least until he returns behind a front company.) And no action would have been taken without campaigning by Fortune’s victims, through EPTAG and other routes.

No doubt our meeting on Wednesday will touch on this and the lessons that we can learn to stop other landlords from causing misery in the first place.