Feminist labour unionism on film: Silkwood and Harlan County War double bill!!

Harlan County War SilkwoodEdinburgh Anarchist Federation brings you a double bill – two excellent films about workplace organising and feminism. For free. Delicious!

Sunday 24th March, from 3pm, at ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Leith


Academy Award nominated movie showing the true, harrowing story of nuclear power worker and union organiser Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep). Victimised for her activism over working conditions and health & safety at her power plant, Silkwood finds herself up against her bosses and union officials, as her and her workmates are forced into ever more dangerous work practices. A powerful exploration of the pressures of vicitmisation, poverty and gender at work and at home.

Harlan County War

Harlan County War follows Ruby Kincaid (Holly Hunter), as she organises miner’s wives to take centre stage on increasingly violent Kentucky picket lines during the strikes of 1972-3. As women in the community took an ever increasing public and physical role in the dispute, facing police and corporate violence and arrest, the women of Harlan County found themselves in conflict with a society who wanted them to keep their place as wives and mothers at home.

Read more about Harlan County’s rich history of labour militancy here.

(Note: this film is *not* the 1976 documentary “Harlan County, USA”, although that’s also a great film)

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