Bedroom tax fightback: Merseyside gets organised

Anti-bedroom tax sticker on red and black starEncouraging news from Merseyside with the formation of a federation of anti-bedroom tax campaigns. The news article says:

 It’s been a slog but, after months of meetings and discussion, anti-bedroom tax groups across Merseyside met, on Sat 18th May, to conclusively set in place the Merseyside Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation.
The federation is run by the members of local groups through a meeting of local group-mandated, recallable delegates. Delegate meetings are open, but only group-mandated delegates can vote. A one group one vote system is in place. Organisations (trade unions, etc) are encouraged to affiliate and participate with/within their local anti-bedroom tax group.
Federation delegates elected recallable officers to the following roles: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer , Press Officer.

This is of course in contrast to the “federation because we call it a federation” route unfortunately taken by the Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation and goes to show that it is possible (necessary, even) to organise in a way that avoids the problems of fixed leadership that becomes distant from the members of a campaign. Let’s hope that in Edinburgh we can build on the good foundation we have so far.

The next important event coming up is this public meeting in Restalrig on Wednesday the 22nd.