Greece solidarity meeting Friday night

Just a quick c&p from an email, as it’s short notice…
FRI 17th May 6.30pm, St. Augustine’s Church, George IV Bridge
Hi ,
On June 11th, former Greek PM Georgios Papandreou will visit Edinburgh to speak at an elite conference.  He is the politician responsible for selling some of the worst austerity measures in human history, imposed by the Troika, to the Greek people.  As a result, overall unemployment is over a quarter; youth unemployment has hit 58 percent; one in two Greeks are approaching the poverty level; and rates of homelessness and suicide have skyrocketed.  Austerity is crippling Greece, and hitting the poor hardest.
Greece is a global experiment to see how much austerity we can tolerate.  If they could get away with it, there are a lot of Con-Dems and neoliberals who would like to see similar draconian measures in Scotland, selling off what remains of our public services, slashing jobs and cutting benefits even further.  Morally, the sheer scale of suffering in Greece should command our solidarity.  But this is also a practical question: if the Greek workers and students cannot force back the Troika, we could be next.
So let’s start organising.  Greek people in Edinburgh, including groups like Real Democracy Now, are demanding we take action.  We need to show the traitor Papandreou that he is not welcome in Edinburgh.  Come along to the first organising meeting this Friday, because with your support we can stop him.