11th June: Oppose Former Greek PM Papandreou and Austerity

Press release from some of our Greek friends.

Papandreou at TED: countries worth privatising

George Papandreou, the former Greek Prime Minister who led Greece into the arms of the IMF has been invited to the TEDGlobal 2013 conference on the 11th June. The ‘Scotland Against Austerity – Stop Papandreou’ coalition have called for a mass demonstration on the same day to voice our opposition to his attendence.

Papandreou is one of the politicians largely responsible for the crisis in Greece, and a symbol of European austerity.  As such, his invitation to lecture on “drawing lessons from the Greek debt crisis” is an insult to all those who have been stricken by the rise in unemployment and suicide rates, the reduction in pensions, the collapse of public welfare and those forced to emigrate.

A petition has been initiated calling on TedGlobal to rescind their invitation to Papandreou which has garnered 10,000 signatures and made headline news in the Greek media. (1)
We are calling for people across Scotland to mobilise in opposition to Papandreou and any other representative of austerity in Scotland.
The demonstration is being supported by a wide coalition of groups and individuals, including Real Democracy Now (Edinburgh) and Radical Independence (Edinburgh).
A statement from one of the organisers said “Papandreou is responsible for deceiving the Greek people and triggering a avalanche of catastrophic measures. However, the mobilisation is not solely against Papandreou but against the policies of austerity which he represents and have been imposed all over Europe, including Scotland. We feel that the only ‘lessons’ to be drawn from the crisis in Greece are a complete rejection of neo-liberal politics and the need for international resistance.”
For Media contact: stoppapandreou@gmail.com