reading marx's capital with david harvey

Capital Reading Group

reading marx's capital with david harvey

In an effort to improve our own understanding of capitalism, its fundamental constituencies and dynamics, and to spread an anti-capitalist analysis that goes beyond blaming bankers and harking back to a nostalgic Keynesianism, we’ll shortly be hosting a series of lectures and discussions covering volume one of Marx’s Capital. We invite everyone with an interest, whether their politics are explicitly anarchist or not, and whatever they’re level of prior knowledge to join us in a spirit of chumradely self-education and debate.

We’ll be following David Harvey’s lecture series for the course, meeting on Sunday afternoons every fortnight for about 6 months (it’s a long book), reading a chapter or two of the book and discussing our thoughts and airing the questions we develop as we read. Each session will last about 2-3 hours the first half of which will involved a screening of one of Harvey’s lectures.

We’ll try to provide a series of additional readings around Capital and suggest other reading guides and introductions that might be of use, we’d also like to encourage anyone who can to offer their own suggestions and help us build a library of useful resources.

David Harvey’s lectures can be found online here:
The page numbers he refers to are valid for both the Penguin Classics and Vintage Books editions of Capital. If you’re struggling to get hold of a copy but want to attend let us know and we can try to help you out.

If you would like to attend please email Marx (at) edinburghanarchists (dot) noflag (dot) org (dot) uk to let us know so we have a contact address for you, we have some idea of expected numbers and we can send you further details.