EPTAG Home to Stay meeting, Thursday 13th

The nice people at EPTAG are hosting a public meeting on Short Assured Tenancies this week. Having helped to vanquish illegal letting agency fees and get one particularly odious landlord struck off, they’re looking to have the same success with a campaign to give tenants the right to stay longer in a flat.

I hadn’t even realised there were such a thing as a not-Short Assured Tenancy; this article on Bright Green lays out the issues clearly.

Although the short assured tenancy makes it easier for landlords to evict bad tenants, it also allows them to legally evict good tenants for unfair reasons. EPTAG has been contacted by a number of tenants who have been forced from their homes after requesting necessary repairs or objecting to illegal charges. Some of them have written about their experiences for the Home2Stay tumblr, and we are inviting other tenants to use it to share their stories.

Many private tenants are forced to move every few years, and not only is this expensive and stressful, but it makes it difficult for tenants to plan for their future and put down roots in a community. For the increasing number of people, private rented housing is not just a short-term stopgap, but where they will make a long-term home.

The meeting is on Thursday 13th June, 7pm, at Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge. Here’s a link to the event on EPTAG’s site and the NSA’s.