Text written for the Papandreou protest

The protest we mentioned last week, there was a text written for it in the hope we could get a flyer together. This might not happen, but here’s the text.

 Let us inform you about this amazing TED speaker that has no dignityat all: after he spent two years selling out the social wealth of thegreek people and managed to pauperize the country, he is nowwandering around in universities and conferences – always outsideGreece – presenting himself as some sort of saviour so that he iscreating the proper profile for an international career in politics(as destroying only one country is not enough).

G. Papandreou did his job very well, serving theinterest of the big capitalists in Europe by managing to present amainly private debt – created by corruption of the politicians ofGreece in association with some greedy big capitalists across Europeand U.S.A. (notably Siemens & Goldman Sachs) – as a public onecreated through the laziness of Greek people. The creation of thispropaganda gave the moral acceptance of the citizens of E.U. tosupport all the austerity and antisocial policies that were takenfrom the government of G. Papandreou. According to BBC, Bild andother mass media, the “lazy” Greek people had to “pay”.

A huge attack against Greek society started, whichof course only benefited Capital in Europe and Greece. In only twoyears the minimum wage was halved (to around €360, which cannotcover the expenses for renting a flat); all the basic working rightsthat have been won during the previous decades were abolished; publicassets started getting sold for ridiculously low prices and, ofcourse, all the private debt became public debt. All the properconditions in order for the few holders of capital to exploit anation as much as possible were established; in two short years G.Papandreou under the commands of his capitalistic bosses implementedall the neoliberal policies that Thatcher needed 11 years and a warto achieve.

During all this time the people in Greece weretrying to resist against their exploiters using any and all means ofdefence. Massive strikes and protests have taken place in Greece inan attempt for the people to fight for a decent future forthemselves, but the Government’s response was massive and radicalrepression by the legal system and the police. G. Papandreou represents the social exploitation and inequality that this systempromotes and it is our duty to make clear with our actions that thesepeople are not welcome. It is time for all of us to reject thissystem that opposes our freedom by creating a society based inexploitation and domination and fight back towards the establishmentof a society that will promote mutual respect, social equality,social and individual freedom. We must show our solidarity with thepeople that are in struggle around the world and organize ourselvesagainst our exploiters.