Talk: Sex Work and Organisation

This month, as the first of a series of public talks we’ll be holding once a month this year, Edinburgh Anarchist Federation invite you all to a discussion of the situation of sex work in Scotland today, workplace organising and police raids.

Event Poster - Location: 11.01 David Hume Tower. Time: 18:30 Wednesday 19th Feb

We’ll be hosting hopefully a number of current sex workers who are part of the Sex Worker Open University to talk about what is happening at the moment (like the atrocious decision to revoke licences for saunas just passed by Edinburgh council), the work of their organisation and what sex workers and allies can do to fight back against criminalisation and attacks on their livelihood and safety.

Sex Worker Open University is a project created by and for sex workers. Their aim is to empower our community through workshops, debates, actions and art project as well as fighting against our criminalisation.

” … Organizers adopt innovative nonviolent civil disobedience, theatre, and art, sophisticated media work and direct action. This new direct action represents a new brand of activism one which involves joy, rambunctiousness, the building of new communities and identities built on reproductive social justice … To deal with these complex issues, sex worker advocates utilize visibility as a mechanism that can improve the issues identified as obstacles to self determined, respected and healthy working conditions …The idea that sex workers have rights which must be respected and protected is forcefully asserted. Workers are the ones that are leading the charge in activist endeavors and are sophisticated thinkers who can articulate their own concerns and develop their own approaches to address those concerns.”

All Edinburgh AF events are covered by our safer spaces policy, which we invite everyone to read before attending and to abide by in their interactions online and in person. We can’t moderate all discussions, but if anyone feels unsafe or oppressed at any time please let a member of the federation know, if you can, and we will do everything we can to resolve the situation.