Barbed wire fence around Dungavel Detention Centre

Support Immigration Detainees: Letter Writing Meetup

Sunday 12th April 2pm
Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh

Over the last month unrest has spread amongst migrants caught up in the UK’s detention centres.

We will be meeting to write letters of support to people currently imprisoned inside the detention system.

We’ll provide contact details for people to write to and writing materials.

We’ll also be collecting donations to help support people in detention – which we’ll pass on though the Unity Centre in Glasgow.

Following work by Corporate Watch and documentary footage revealing life inside detention centres broadcast on Channel 4, hundreds of detainees across the country went on hunger strike and protested within their prisons.

One hunger-striker at Dungavel was quoted (via Detained Voices) as saying:

“I’m not eating and the officers are telling me they are going to move me from Dungavel. They say that to everyone who is doing protest. They are trying to scare us. They don’t tell us where. No other centre will take me after the protest.

We are on hunger strike since last Tuesday. I think we are around 20 to 25 people, maybe more. We are very upset!

They can’t send us back. Some people have very bad situations in their countries. So they have to do something with us. That is what we are trying to do.

The home office doesn’t talk with us. Only the officers in here are trying to scare us.

We want the home office to do something with us!

I’ve been in detention for 10 Month. I went to bail 4 times, the judge refused me.

This place is harder then prison, because in prison at least you know when you get out. But not in here! Some people have been detained for 2 to 3 years.

For how long are they going to keep us in here? I want to know that!”

We stand in solidarity with these men, women and children and their fight to be recognized as humans.

No states, No borders

Solidarity is strength

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