Call for solidarity with autonomous social center Klinika (Prague)

Call for solidarity with autonomous social center Klinika (Prague)

For more than a year now, we have been managing collectively a building that was previously abandoned for five years, and after initial eviction by police, we fought to get our place back on the 2nd of March 2015. However, the authorities are unwilling to prolong our rent-free lease, despite huge support in Czech society for our cause. We are organizing a big demonstration tomorrow in Prague, but we need your support too, to show the importance of having autonomous spaces where our communities could thrive and develop the activities they need.

In this time we managed to do a lot to maintain the space for many activities to take place – from language courses to various workshops, theatrical and musical performances, political discussion, we made a cafe and established a free shop, where people can just give and take whenever without any exchange – the whole center is run on donations, without grants and big private or state benefactors. Moreover, we have taken part of collecting, coordinating and delivering aid to refugees during the height of the crisis last summer to autumn.

If you have not heard about Klinika, you can see more information on the following links and the .pdf attachment where the present issue is described:

Call for support on Facebook (English):

Autonomous social center Klinika: /

Link to Saturday (27.2) demonstration in Prague:

Short video where our activities are presented by members of collective, other collective that utilize the space of the center, and supporters:


We would be really grateful for any kind of symbolic action you can make for us – this can take any form, few sentences, sympathetic pictures or an article in media. You can send anything either to our e-mail address – or post it on our Facebook page. You can also e-mail back to me or if you need any further information.


Nikolay, part of autonomous social center Klinika’ collective